Little Things.

The first days of Fall that make me feel like I'm in second grade again. 'Your spot' in the studio, bus or cafe. The neighborhood barista remembering my name every morning. A child with a pile of books. Dimly lit restaurants and strong cocktails that make you believe you are in love. Cookies in the oven. Large sweaters. Turning the calendar to a new month. Walking into your home and turning on the light. An empty notebook on the nightstand waiting to be filled. The sight of a Christmas tree through a window. Arms that reach for you in the middle of the night. The flimsy pair of pajamas shorts that I've had for 650 years. A sleeping, purring cat-- soft and gentle as the world should be. A good book in my purse. The quiet and calm of a late-night flight. Framed photos. Kind cab drivers with great life stories and unsolicited, yet helpful advice. A voicemail from Dad. Waking to a quiet home. Newfound friendships and hearing, "I thought I was the only one!". Taking yourself to a movie-- large popcorn in hand. Bookstores on a Saturday night. Small, quiet towns. Hearing someone hum. Wondering and thinking that maybe I am something bigger and I don't know, knowing that somehow, it will be alright.