A Little List of The Good.

Coming home after a long day and the sigh of relief that accompanies it. The few seconds after silencing your phone before falling asleep. The fact (although I complain about it) that I cry every time I genuinely laugh. Unexpected bravery. Shaking legs and hands. Freshly laundered sheets. Gray light before the sun rises. Airport reunions. The laughter of someone you adore. Waking up at the lake-slowly remembering where you are and the calmness that settles over. The arm that reaches out for you in the middle of the night. Perfectly ripe peaches. Being the first one awake in a crowded house. Late night conversations at the kitchen table. Inspiring yourself. Half-smiles, full smiles. Peonies- in season. No makeup days and feeling beautiful- even more beautiful. Feeling completely drained after a long run. Small towns. Watching someone crack a smile when they are trying to be serious. Songs that make you go quiet. Waking to a quiet home. The first sip of coffee in the morning. Laughter that lasts long after the moment has passed, when happiness cannot be contained. Open windows. Interlaced fingers and forehead kisses. Changing leaves. Freckles. Sunday Mornings. Library books. Finding a place to call home. Small leaps that bring people closer together. Handwritten letters. The smell of cigars on a warm, summer night. Collared shirts. One too many margaritas. Eye contact from across the room. Child’s laughter. Your spot. Seeing bouquets of flowers en route to be given to someone. Reminders that you have a village of people behind you ready to cheer you on.