Here's What I'm Learning...

If the first train is crowded, wait the two-three minutes for the next one to show up. It will make for a much more pleasant ride.

You will never regret saying “hi.” Small talk sucks, but being remembered as the person who avoided an inevitable confrontation is worse. Most of the time you will be glad you did.

Make your bed every morning and keep your bathroom clean-- you never know who might show up.

Getting what you want almost always requires that you do the one thing that scares you the most.

Feeling beautiful has so much to do with feeling valuable.

Practice confidence. Stand up straight. Wear the heels--even if you're the tallest person in the room.

Go for the run. Go to the gym. You will never regret it. Sometimes the best runs happen on the days when you don’t want to get out of bed.

Living in the city can be hard for the simple fact that on a crowded train platform, there will always be a person who looks like someone you once adored.

Speak kindly about yourself. Do not participate in self-hate talk that so many women marvel in. Not for one second.

Do not compromise. And by compromise, I mean settle.

Sometimes the kindness in a strangers eyes can break your heart. Sometimes it can save your day.

Mom is right. About everything.

When he offers up his hand to dance, always take it. Even if you're the only ones dancing. Even if its 5am and you're being told to leave.

Hang lights in your room even when there is no holiday in sight.

Sometimes you just have to keep missing them until you wake up to find you just don't anymore.

Give yourself permission to not be good at something.

Remember that life is one massive experiment and it is my job to to be kind to myself, and to others, as it continues to unfold.

Heartbreak is inevitable. Life is scary and terrifying and more often than not, overwhelming. And to show up is to risk all of these things each and every day. But that is the entire point. And the more you risk, the more you experience freedom from fear itself.

Love requires that you show up.

There is no limit on how many times you can start over. Try again, again, again.